About Nonesuch Dickens

Nonesuch Dickens is a work in progress. It is a Charles Dickens Encyclopedia, dedicated to the life, works, and influence of one of the most popular writers in history — Charles Dickens — his contemporaries, and those that have been inspired by him.

The Nonesuch Dickens Collection from Overlook Press

The Nonesuch Dickens collection from Overlook Press recreates, with exceptional detail, the limited edition collection published in 1937 by Nonesuch Press. To date, nine books have been reproduced. Although more editions were scheduled for release, they have not been produced.

Originally published in 1937 as a limited edition, 24-volume collection by Nonesuch Press, the Nonesuch Dickens collection was the “most complete and handsome” set of Dickens’ works ever printed. The books were printed from the original woodblock and steel plates used by the original publisher, Chapman & Hall.

In 2005, Overlook Press purchased the rights to the Nonesuch catalog and has released nine of the books, which were available on an individual basis, or in two sets.

The nine books in the series are:

Later, Overlook Press released three more books on January 19, 2012, to bring the total in the series to 12. Those three books are:

Based on the world-famous “Nonesuch Press” edition of 1937, the text for these new editions is taken from the 1867 “Chapman and Hall” editions, which became known as the “Charles Dickens” editions and were the last to be corrected by the author himself.

The “Nonesuch” edition contains illustrations selected by Dickens himself, by artists including:

  • Hablot Knight Browne (‘Phiz’)
  • George Cruikshank
  • John Leech
  • Robert Seymour
  • George Cattermole

This collection from Overlook Press reproduced the original elegance of the original editions. Each book was printed on natural cream shade high-quality stock. They were quarter bound in bonded leather with cloth sides, included a ribbon marker, and featured special printed endpapers. Each book was wrapped in a protective, clear acetate jacket. Not only are these books exquisitely designed for collections, but they are also a pleasure to read.